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My top cocktails from Summer 2021!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

If your seeking for some inspiration and unsure what type of cocktails you would like me to serve up at your celebration in Ibiza then this blog might be useful for you! Take a look at my most loved, requested and popular cocktails from the 2021 summer season:


Private bartender Ibiza. Pomtini cocktail, this pomegranate martini is the perfect summer beverage and one of my most loved cocktail from Summer 2021!

A classic Pomegranate Martini that's hard not to love! A tarty combination that gets your taste buds going with it’s sweet and sour notes, as well as a refreshing touch from the homemade pomegranate syrup.

This cocktail perfectly compliments any flavours so it makes a great addition to your bespoke menu to go alongside different cocktails.



Private bartender Ibiza. A signature cocktail 'Mamacita' a tropical twist on the classic margarita cocktail.

If you love tequila then this cocktail is for you! You can't beat a margarita but I always enjoy to create classic cocktails with a twist. Tropical flavours, spicy touches and topped with the fresh taste of cilantro - a perfect cocktail to sip on underneath the Ibiza sunshine!

I served this cocktail up alongside Pisco Sours & Michelada's at a birthday dinner party to compliment the Mexican & Peruvian food, but it also works well in any event. Trust me on this one!



Private bartender Ibiza. Two tasty signature cocktails from Summer - Elderberry & Tropical Summer.

If you request a cocktail on the sweet side I would definitely recommend this one from my signature range. It's sweet but perfectly balanced with refreshing tastes. A one of a kind mix, taking you through different flavours, from fruity to floral and from berries to tropical fruits. You don't even feel like your drinking alcohol!

Here it's stood next to the 'Tropical Summer' cocktail, they make the perfect pair for Summer flavoured beverages.



Private bartender Ibiza. Mobile bar service to serve up bespoke, craft cocktails in Ibiza.

Last but definitely not least! In 2021 this was the most requested cocktail overall and you can not go wrong with this classic cocktail. A touch of sweetness, touch of citrus and lots of freshness, it’s just perfect! I love to combine it with fresh fruit flavours, the possibilities are endless but my favourite is with Blackberry.

Not to sound bias but I've been told on a few occasions that my mojitos are the best they've ever tasted! I actually learnt the original recipe & method of this famous cocktail in the Barcadi House.


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