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My top cocktails from Summer 2022!

We had an incredible Summer season in 2022 serving up 1000 of cocktails, mocktails and beverages in many different events. From lavish parties, intimate gatherings to epic celebrations done the Ibiza way!

Like we do after every season, let's take a browse over the most popular & requested cocktails from 2022:

Picante/Spicy Margarita

Private bartender Ibiza. Picante cocktail

Picante has grew into one of the most well known cocktails worldwide over the years. Created by Soho House in London, the recipe is hard not to love.

With the freshness of the cilantro, sourness of the lime, sweetness of the Agave and finished with a spicy kick of fresh chilli's! Combine this cocktail with your choice of Tequila and voilà!


Goldtooth Spritz

Goldtooth Spritz

We LOVE working with local brands and it doesn't get more local than this spirit. It's a deliciously layered Vermouth made with a blend of flowers and herbs from Ibiza that they forage themselves.

The spritz is named 'The All Natural Spritz' a healthy option that's also very refreshing! We simply combine the Goldtooth with a dash of premium Cava, Soda and a wedge of fresh Grapefruit.

This Spritz is perfect as a welcome cocktail or even during a daytime party.


Mezcal Mule

Private bartender Ibiza. Mezcal Mule

Mezcal is definitely having a moment and if you don't know, get to know! It's a unique yet incredible artesanal spirit made with the Agave plant in Oaxaca Mexico.

Mezcal has a unique smoky flavour that you can combine in many different cocktails and we encourage you to try.

The Mezcal Mule or Mexican Mule is a twist to the classic Moscow Mule. This long drink is bursting with flavours.



Private bartender Ibiza. Mobile bar service to serve up bespoke, craft cocktails in Ibiza.

This signature cocktail is from the 'Premium Cocktail' package. It's tropical, light and floral.

Combination of Pineapple infused Grey Goose or any other premium vodka, sweetness of the French St Germain elderflower liquor, squeeze of lime for balance and garnished with a rosemary twig freshly picked in Ibiza.


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