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South American Cocktails

Updated: Feb 28

I'm passionate about Latin American cocktails being from Colombia myself. You can't deny that in Latin America we produce the best and most famous cocktails in the world from Caipirinhas to Margaritas and a whole lot more!

Have a look at my round up of cocktails per country that I've served up at events and can serve up at your celebration.




Private bartender Ibiza. Pomtini cocktail, this pomegranate martini is the perfect summer beverage and one of my most loved cocktail from Summer 2021!

This is Brazil's national cocktail and it's SO good! A refreshing combination, it's perfect to enjoy on those hot summer days. Very similar to Mojitos with a simple recipe that you can also combine with fresh fruit flavours.


  • Cachaça

  • Lime

  • Sugar



Pisco Sour

Private bartender Ibiza. Latin cocktail - Pisco Sour

This classic cocktail originates from Peru with the main ingredient being Pisco a grape-distilled spirit. It's a smooth, frothy cocktail with a tarty citrus yet sweet taste.


  • Pisco

  • Egg white

  • Fresh Lemon juice

  • Simple syrup

  • Angostura bitters



Piña Colada

Private bartender Ibiza. Latin cocktail - Piña Colada

This world famous tropical cocktail was born in Puerto Rico. A combination of Caribbean flavours with pineapple, coconut and Rum.

It is often blended however I much prefer to pour it over ice creating a fresh & quality Piña Colada!


  • White Rum

  • Coconut milk

  • Coconut purée

  • Pineapple juice

  • Fresh pineapple




Private bartender Ibiza. Latin cocktail - Mojitos

Who doesn't love a Mojito, a popular Summer drink that's been around for centuries and was first created in Cuba. A light and refreshing cocktail with fresh flavours from the mint & lime. You can combine it with absolutely any fruit to switch up the flavours.


  • White Rum

  • Fresh Lime juice

  • Brown sugar

  • Mint leaves

  • Soda water




Private bartender Ibiza. Picante De La Casa

It was hard to chose just 1 cocktail from Mexico as there's so many. Margaritas is a very popular choice, it's an easy to enjoy cocktail especially if you love Tequila!

I love to twist classic cocktails and here I took a recipe from Soho House in London. It's called 'Picante De La Casa'.


  • Reposado Tequila

  • Fresh Lime juice

  • Fresh red Jalapeños

  • Agave

  • Cilantro


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