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Fresh Flavoured Cocktails

Even if your not a big cocktail lover these fresh tasting beverages are hard not to enjoy especially with the hot climate of Ibiza they'll leave you feeling refreshed and are great for any style of event. I always recommend when picking your 4 cocktails to include at least one that's more on the fresh side.

"Breath of Fresh Air"

A breath of fresh flavours with Gin, touch of Limoncello, fresh cucumber and mint finished with lemon juice for balance.

"The Pink Mojito"

A unique twist on this classic cocktail. Refreshing combination of Rum, fresh lime & brown sugar. Switching the mint with fresh basil and combining it with grapefruit. Topped with soda and lots of ice.

"Almond Blush"

I took inspiration from Mother Nature for this cocktail, from the almond trees blossoming all over the island at Spring time. Crisp, sweet & light notes of White Rum, Orgeat syrup, squeeze of lemon and topped with Cava Rosé.

"Cala Escondida"

This cocktail was bespokely designed for a 30th birthday party and the guests loved it! Gin embraced with Lavender settled with Dry Vermouth, lemon and mint


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