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The Juice Bar

Add freshly made cold pressed juices to your bar package to be consumed the morning after your event providing you with that perfect balance! With my experience as a bartender of mixing, combining and trying new flavours and textures through a beverage, I've come up with a service to provide it all from the not so healthy to the super healthy drinks. Because life is all about balance, detox to retox (and repeat!) especially here on The White Isle. 

Organic and 100% natural, cold pressed juices made from fruit and vegetables that are predominately grown and sourced from the island itself. I've created a menu of delicious juices combining different natural flavours together. The best thing about these juices is the INCREDIBLE health benefits. The list is endless but each juice will have a breakdown of the top benefits and ingredients listed on the menu, to provide you with exactly what you need.

The Method

I make these juices using a slow masticating machine, this method unlike blenders and fast extracting juice machines provides a more nutritious drink. By breaking down the fibre of the fruit and veg more thoroughly releasing more nutrients into the juice. 

Once each juice is made it is then directly poured into a reusable glass bottle with a lid and served cold. Shake well and drink directly from the bottle or pour over some ice, we even recommend placing them straight in your fridge and you can enjoy them over 48 hours.

Something I pride myself on and I consider to be very important within my work is keeping it as sustainable as possible! Zero plastic and recyclable glass bottles that you can practically continue to use at home.

I also have a zero waste policy. Once the juice from the fruit or veg is extracted, I collect the left overs and take them to the local farmers, who give it great use to fertilize their plantations, and returning it back into the earth.

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